Happy Birthday! Laurie Holden Turns 47 Years Old Today

Let's all wish Laurie Holden a happy birthday. The actress turns 47 today.

In December 1969, Holden was born in Los Angeles to parents Glen and Adrienne before being raised in Toronto, Canada. The actress spent her time between the two cities along with her younger brother. As a child, Holden discovered her love for acting when her grandfather was working on The Martian Chronicles. Growing up, Holden went on to study film at the University of Los Angeles and began to pursue her career.

In the early days, Holden found herself cast in projects like Physical Evidence and TekWar: TekLab. She also pursued stage roles in plays like The Winter's Tale before she was cast in The Majestic back in 2001. She starred opposite of Jim Carrey before going on to other projects like Silent Hill and The Mist.

However, fans know Holden best for her work on AMC's The Walking Dead. In 2010, the actress made her debut on the show as Andrea before she exited the series in 2013. Since then, Holden has been cast in Chicago Fire, The Abolitionists, and more.


Happy birthday, Laurie!

(Photo: AMC)