Josh McDermitt Estimates 'The Walking Dead' Timeline Since Negan's Introduction

The timeline of The Walking Dead is frequently debated by fans of the AMC series. It's something showrunner Scott Gimple won't even definitively rule on when talking to the show's cast. Josh McDermitt, however, has taken every bit of his knowledge from the series to estimate how much time has passed since Negan's introduction in the Season Six finale.

McDermitt, who plays Eugene Porter on the AMC series, notes ahead of his estimate on the set of The Walking Dead's 100th episode that it is just that. There is no definitive guideline for how much time has passed, but certain clues have helped the actor draw a conclusion.

"Just for reference, it's maybe only been three weeks, I'd say, to be generous, since the deaths of Glenn and Abraham," McDermitt said.

Such a time frame would explain why Maggie isn't showing physical signs of her pregnancy just yet. Despite the show's Negan story playing out over the course of a year and more so far, only about three weeks have passed in the world of The Walking Dead.

"I hear some fans say 'This is bulls---, Maggie's not even showing,'" McDermitt said. "Well, she's like two months along, chill out! Just because it's been a year and a half in your world, this is... It is hard. I have to constantly remind myself to check in with Greg [Nicotero] or Scott [Gimple]. Like 'How long has this been?' because even that episode where Negan came back to Alexandria -- he showed up early. I mean, that was maybe four days, five days. He said 'I'll be back in a week,' and he shows up early."


"Sometimes we have to seek that out," McDermitt adds. "I always have to remember that and keep that in mind. We're always talking to each other too. That's the beauty of this show, is its very collaborative, it's very much an ensemble. You could say that Andy [Lincoln], and Norman [Reedus], and Melissa [McBride] are the leads of this show, but they'll all tell you this is an ensemble. We all work together to tell this story as best we can, so that's kind of the beauty and what makes the show good, I think. We're all working together."

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