New Flash Forward Theory Makes Judith 'The Walking Dead' End Game


With Judith's family in a very unstable position, a new theory suggests Rick's little girl and the flash forward sequence to be crucial bits of the series' ultimate moments.

To start Season 8, The Walking Dead revealing a series of gleeful moments which looked something like a flash forward. Comic fans jumped to the conclusion of Rick's appearance reflecting that of his post-All Out War comic book counterpart, indicating a time jump coming to the TV series. However, with Carl Grimes set to bow out, it's now impossible for the scenario to be fully realized.

Judith Grimes, however, may one day have a vision of what she wanted her life to be and that sequence might be it...

Once upon a time, there was a theory that The Walking Dead was Carl's account of everything that had happened through his life. The zombie apocalypse was being retold by the son of Rick Grimes. Fans dubbed it the "Old Man Carl" theory. Such an ending is still possible in The Walking Dead comics but the TV show won't have any room for Carl to be the sole survivor.

Judith, however, pushes on. The little girl who is actually the product of Shane Walsh and Lori Grimes may go on to tell the story of the zombie apocalypse, having survived everyone around her. She may recount some moments as they were told to her by other survivors, such as the events of Seasons 1 through 3 when she wasn't born yet or some of the more recent seasons which she will have been too young to remember.

She may even be too young to remember her brother Carl.

All of these things lead to the culmination of the theory: the flash forward or dream sequence from The Walking Dead Episode 8x01 is actually Judith's wish of what Alexandria and her life could have been. Furthering the theory is the lack of appearance from Carl. While Rick speaks to Carl, everyone in the house is clearly seen with the exception of Carl. Carl merely walks through a camera's framing, never showing his face, only speaking his voice.

Judith may not actually have a memory of Carl's appearance, prompting her recollection of what she wishes her life had been to lack his face.


Imagine it: "I wish we could've just been a family," a fully grown Judith says, standing by Rick, Michonne and Carl's graves in The Walking Dead series finale. "I had this dream, we all lived and grew up together..."

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