Kim Dickens Up For Madison As Whisperer Alpha In 'Walking Dead' Crossover

Fear the Walking Dead's Kim Dickens is game to help realize what would be the biggest crossover event on television.

With the sibling series to AMC's The Walking Dead airing its earliest seasons parallel to Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics publishing its Whisperer War story, fans began to speculate that Dickens' Madison Clark was really the character only ever referred to as "Alpha" in the books. The theories claim Fear the Walking Dead is the extended origin story of the villainous and savage Whisperer group and it's one Dickens is ready to fulfill.

When asked by if she is ready to see Madison transform into Alpha and begin bullying Alexandria, Dickens definitively says, ""Yeah!" In fact, she is up for anything the writers asks of her. "I mean, I'm up for anything," Dickens said. "Ask my old showrunner, I'm game for anything. Anything he wanted to me do!"

Still, Dickens notes she has little insight to what's coming, including which characters may or may not have survived the bold Season 3 finale of Fear the Walking Dead. "Everything's a mystery to me. We have no idea what's gonna happen," Dickens said. "I don't know, I have no idea, and if I did know I couldn't tell them. I love how they all try to figure it out and write the stories in their head."

Looking back at the highly praised third season of Fear the Walking Dead, the actress is proud of her cast and crew and their ability to tell such a compelling and dramatic story. "It's been an incredible season. All of us, we feel exceptionally proud of this third season," Dickens said. "We took a lot of hits to the family. You become a family shooting together. Our casting director really picks great people, really talented professionals."


As for whether or not Dickens will be the crossover character Kirkman promised at New York Comic Con, The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple promises we will find out "sooner than later" who will jump from show to show.

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