The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand on Marvel Work, Moon Knight Dream Role

When Ross Marquand joined The Walking Dead in its fifth season as Aaron, it was very much the Colorado native's big break in acting. At the time, The Walking Dead was closing in on a time where 17 million people would watch a single episode live. From there, Marquand would go on to appear briefly in other shows while maintaining his series regular role on AMC's zombie drama but would land a dream gig in 2018. Marquand appeared in Avengers: Infinity War as the Red Skull before reprising the part in Avengers: Endgame. While his future with Marvel is uncertain as the creatives gear up for their Phase 4, Marquand has another dream role in mind in that universe.

"The kid in me, who grew up mowing lawns and babysitting just so I could buy comic cards from Mile High Comics in Denver... I have Marvel series one through three, Marvel Masterpieces," Marquand told at The Walking Dead's Season 10 premiere. "I used to collect their books, too, and, like, I drew all of these guys. Especially Red Skull, MegaRed, Mephisto, Logan. I mean, basically any character that looked crazy and scary. I would endlessly draw them. My parents thought I was crazy, but it was amazing. And, it's like one of those moments where your childhood is coming back to you. And, it's a fascinating feeling, you know?"

Of course, some might say Marquand played his Marvel card when he stepped into the role of Red Skull. That said, there have been other actors before him to take on multiple roles within the same Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his would be less noticeable considering the look of Red Skull and voice act he had to put on for the character. As for which role he would most like to land: Moon Knight.

"I've said for many years if I could play any Marvel character... I used to say Wolverine, but now, it's like, you know what? Hugh did such a good job with that," Marquand said. "Hugh Jackman's performance was damn near flawless, I think. So, I wouldn't even want to touch that. 'Cause people would just be comparing it. But, not a lot of people know Moon Knight. And, I grew up loving Moon Knight so much so, if I could play him or even just have an opportunity to audition for it, I would be the happiest guy in this town, for sure."

He wouldn't be the only TWD star to jump into Marvel. Michonne actress Danai Gurira recently broke out as Okoye in Black Panther and the two Avengers movies which followed and Connie actress Lauren Ridloff recently joined the upcoming Eternals movie. Former Shane Walsh actor Jon Bernthal also had a go as The Punisher in Marvel's Netflix series.

Marquand is not alone in that hope. Fans across social media have been pulling for Marquand in the part since Disney+ announced it would be home to a Moon Knight TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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The Walking Dead returns for Season 10 on October 4 at 9pm ET on AMC.