Mortician Criticizes The Walking Dead's Zombies As Inaccurate and "Too Skinny"

The Walking Dead brings the dead back to life, at least in the form of getting the corpses upright and walking again. As a result, the team tries to make the dead look dead, often flushing the color from the soulless, wandering bodies and bringing skinny performers in to play the parts. Now, a mortician who knows all about what really happens when a body dies and stops functioning, is saying that this fictional world is just making stuff up when it comes to dead bodies. In an extensive interview, Melissa Unfred let her voice be heard about all things dead.

Unfred, a Texas-based mortician who specialises in natural burials, says the "discoloration process that results from blood sinking and pooling once the heart stops pumping" is quite different from what is seen on The Walking Dead. "The part of the body that's closest to the ground will turn dark red where the blood settles," Unfred said. "After about 24 hours, the lower right quadrant of the body will turn a bluish-green color as the bacteria in the pancreas are the first to start digesting tissues in the gut."

The fact, according to Unfred, is "the skin takes on a really interesting marbled pattern which is actually really pretty, but to each their own." This comes from a conversation with Live Science.

Although The Walking Dead would have you believe that not eating leads to skinny bodies, Unfred says the process would be quite the opposite. Sometimes, the bloat is so severe that the body will burst," she said.


This all might make things a little difficult for Unfred when watching The Walking Dead but then she might want to think about whether or not Robert Kirkman actually has a jump on what's really going to happen when the zombie apocalypse takes over the world. After all, a mortician surrounded by dead bodies might be in real danger when such an event becomes reality.

The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its tenth season on February 23.