Negan's Victim Shown In New The Walking Dead Season 7 Clip At NYCC

Major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 follow.

Concluding The Walking Dead's gigantic panel at New York Comic Con, AMC revealed an exclusive look at the upcoming premiere episode which will reveal who Negan killed. In the clip, we are able to rule one member of the Alexandria community as "safe" for the first time. Rick Grimes, with blood spattered across the right side of his face, is teased by Negan through the clip.

Below is a description of the footage from The Walking Dead Season 7 at New York Comic Con...

Rick raises his head up with blood on his face. Negan asks, "What? Was the joke that bad?" Rick responds, "I'm gonna kill you." A bloody Lucille is in Rick's face as Negan kneels down and asks, "What? I didn't quite catch that you're gonna have to speak up."

"Not today. Not tomorrow. But I'm gonna kill you you," Rick says. Negan licks his lips with a smirk.

"Jesus... Simon, what did he have, a knife?" Negan asks.

"He had a hatchet," Simon responds. Negan mocks that fact.

"Simon's my right hand man," Negan says. "You have one? Maybe one of these fine people still breathing or did I [knock sound with the bat in front of him]?" Negan sighs.

"Sure, yeah, give me his axe," Negan says. The hatchet is handed to Negan. Negan stands and puts the hatchet into his belt and yanks Rick into the RV.

The camera pans across Negan's victim on the ground - the remnants of their brains and skull make them impossible to recognize.

Could Negan be preparing to cut off Rick's hand in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead? Comic book fans know that the reference is directly tied to he Governor's actions much earlier in the comic books. Rick lost his right hand quite some time ago in the books but Lincoln has told that he wishes the show would follow suit.

Of course, the biggest takeaway from the scene was the reveal of the beaten down victim beaten beyond recognition and the possibility of a second victim being tossed into the mix.


Another reference to the comics stems in the dialogue. Rick telling Negan he is "gonna kill" him is pulled straight from the aftermath of Glenn's slaughter on the black and white pages. However, that scene ended with Negan laughing his way away from the scene.

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