New The Walking Dead Finale Clip Teases Major Comic Death

Ep. 10x15 “The Tower” Sneak Peek #2 from r/thewalkingdead

The Walking Dead is rolling into its Season 10 finale which will air this Sunday night. The originally planned finale episode will air at a later date this year. However, in the upcoming Episode 10x15, there my be a major death from The Walking Dead comics coming to violent fruition with a spin on it. The episode's title alone ominously teases such a moment, being called, "The Tower," but an alternate version of Father Gabriel's brutal death from the comics might be on the way. In a clip from the episode, seen in the video above, it looks like something similar might happen to Alden or Aaron.

In the comics, Beta leads a massive army of what he calls "guardians" to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Along the way, he first comes across Father Gabriel who was looking out from atop a water tower. As the horde approaches, Gabriel rushes down the ladder and ultimately falls getting his leg jammed in it and breaking his leg. While hanging upside down near the bottom of the ladder, an exposed and defenseless Gabriel is cut open at his stomach by Beta and devoured by the walkers behind him.

The water tower seemed to be set up earlier in The Walking Dead when Eugene and Rosita were near one to first introduce the Whisperers but it doesn't look like anyone is going back there any time soon. Instead, Aaron and Alden have been trapped inside of a tower within Alexandria as Beta and his horde are just outside. The clip above shows the two are desperate to find an escape route but the only way out seems to be down. When asked why the AMC series skipped Father Gabriel's brutal death, showrunner Angela Kang teased, "You never know what's going to happen."


Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam also agrees that the death is one worthy of television. "I don't get nervous about it," Gilliam said, despite Gabriel's death meaning the end of a six-year tenure with The Walking Dead. "I mean you know no day is promised to anyone. So you know when it happens, it happens. I want Father Gabriel's exit from the show to be operatic. And I think his death in the comic books is definitely that... Hanging upside down, screaming."

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