Photos Of The 'Walking Dead' Walker That Bit Carl

The Walking Dead fans are looking for answers when it comes to Carl's bite mark revealed in Episode 8x08 and they'll find it in images from Episode 8x06.

The Walking Dead never explicitly showed Carl Grimes getting bitten, marking him for death. Carl had an incredibly heroic series of moments in Alexandria, sending everyone to safety while he stayed behind to fend off Negan and the Saviors until they found Carl.

In the photos below, the walker which took a bite out of Carl can be identified, though the exact bite was never on screen. It all went down while Carl was in the woods fighting walkers with Siddiq.

First, the walker fell on top of Carl.

walker bite carl 2

It took a few bites in Carl's direction and viewers got to know it from Carl's perspective.

walker bite carl 1

Then, Carl pushed it off to try and fight off another walker, but it got its bite on Carl's side before he could get to it.

walker bite carl 1

The scene above is from The Walking Dead Episode 8x06. Though the bite was revealed two weeks later, it was merely hours in the world of The Walking Dead.


"This was the hardest... Losing Steven was... the thought of the journey without Steven in the cast was unbearable but this is... I didn't see it coming," Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln said in an exclusive interview with "Scott called me up and said, 'You're gonna hate this one. I want to just forewarn you.' Even then, I was waiting to say, 'This is a really cool way of telling me that I'm off the show, you know that?' That's what I thought he was about to say. He said, 'It's the kid.' I couldn't even say, 'No.' I was silent for a minute. He said, twice, 'Are you still there?' I just didn't see it coming."

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