More Rick And Michonne Coming In 'The Walking Dead' Season 8B

With how The Walking Dead's Season 8's first half concluded, it's no surprise Rick Grimes will need a pillar to help him stand when the AMC series returns.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x08, How It's Gotta Be, follow.

For much of The Walking Dead's eighth season, Rick and Michonne have been split apart. Though eighth episodes have aired, merely two days have passed from the time the season started to the moments which revealed a bite mark on Carl Grimes. The power couple was largely separated due to Michonne's healing from a beating in the Season 7 finale while Rick lead the charge against Negan (and maybe partially because Michonne actress was leading a charge on the set of Marvel's Black Panther during production).

When the show returns for the rest of its eighth season, however, Andrew Lincoln promises Rick and Michonne will be bringing the power couple back to Sunday nights as his character will need some additional strength having lost his son.

"Obviously gather from what happened, Rick and Michonne and everybody, the fallout from Carl's death is, is they're gonna need each other to be able to get through and navigate what was an unfathomable loss," Lincoln told in an exclusive interview. "I think there will be a lot time spent between those characters trying to work out how they move on."

In fact, much of the back half of The Walking Dead Season 8 will be driven by the loss of Carl. "All of the back eight is this terrible death," Lincoln said. "This emotion is unending throughout the whole cast and, I think, it's palpable. The cost of this battle is much more full because of what happened."


With Michonne having jumped back into the action in Episode 8x08, there will hopefully be some reckoning and justice when the AMC series returns. Michonne actress Danai Gurira appeared in less than half of the episodes in Season 8's first half and while she was also busy with Avengers: Infinity War, she will likely have much more of a presence in the zombie apocalypse when the All Out War story continues.

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