Rick Has Been Wearing The Same Underwear Since 'The Walking Dead' Season 1

When Rick was seen stripped down to his underwear in Sunday's Episode 8x07 of The Walking Dead, fans realized he has been wearing the same drawers since Season 1.

In the first episode of the AMC series, Rick woke up in a hospital to discover the zombie apocalypse. He stumbled through the hallway in his hospital gown, wearing only a pair of blue underwear beneath it. In the Time for After episode, it appears Rick is wearing that same pair of underwear!

Check out the photos comparing the two sets of drawers in the tweet from @RickAndThangs below.

Whether or not this is actually the same pair of underwear is unknown. Surely, Rick would have done some laundry when he arrived in Alexandria, at the very least. If it were up to Andrew Lincoln, though, he wouldn't have been wearing any underwear at all in his scenes on Sunday night.

Of course, The Walking Dead is plowing through episodes of its eighth season. The show started more than seven years ago. However, for Rick Grimes, merely a few years have past in the apocalyptic world around Alexandria. In fact, all of Season 8 has taken place over the course of about a week.


Still, it might be time for Rick to take a short break from scavenging for food and water and hit up his local Alexandria Kohl's for some new boxers.

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