Rosita And Tara Plan For The End In 'The Walking Dead' Midseason 8 Finale Clip

AMC has released a new clip from The Walking Dead's midseason 8 finale, with Tara and Rosita preparing to end the war.

After Rosita bailed on Daryl's plan, leaving Tara as the sole supporter of the garbage truck crashing into Negan's Sanctuary, the relationship dynamic between the characters seems to have changed a bit. Check it out in the clip above originally released by EW. Rosita is back to her bitter nature while talking to Tara, who is happy to report the news of her plan with Daryl having been successful.

"It worked," Tara said. "We opened it up for the walkers, they're in."

"Okay, so we'll finish it, just like we planned," Rosita said.

Still, it doesn't seem like Rosita is very interested in any conversation with Tara, at the moment. Tara probes her a bit more, asking if she stopped at the Savior outpost they met at earlier to search it for guns. She did, but didn't find anything impressive. "Nothing heavy, just some stun grenades, smoke grenades, air horn probably for redirects," Rosita tells her.


Tara remains optimistic. "After they surrender, we should use this stuff to redirect the herd," she says as Rosita begins stacking the supplies into her arms and carrying virtually nothing herself.

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