Ross Marquand Pulls Out Best Celebrity Impressions Yet

The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand has taken a deep dive back into his incredible impressions.In a [...]

The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand has taken a deep dive back into his incredible impressions.

In a segment on Windy City Live, Marquand pulled out some of his fan-favorite impressions (which helped him land the role as Aaron on The Walking Dead). In the video above, Marquand goes with Kevin Spacey, Matthew McCounaughey, John C. Reilly, Al Pacino, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Christopher Walker and Sylvestor Stallone. Each respective actor impersonation comes with an odd scenario where Marquand dives so far into character that body language starts to come out. The scenarios ranged from getting a speeding ticket to performing pre-flight announcements on an airplane.

Prior to The Walking Dead, Marquand had appeared on PopTV's Impress Me series, in which he portrayed a professional impersonator alongside his co-star Jim Meskimen looking for various jobs someone with such talents could perform.

While Marquand's celebrity impressions are quite on point, he does have a policy barring himself from performing any impressions of his Walking Dead co-stars. "It's kind of a policy of mine not to do people that I work with, because you never know how it could backfire," Marquand said during a panel at San Jose Fan Fest. "It backfired on me a few years ago with a very famous actor, and they were like, 'That's not what I sound like.' And I was like, 'Okay, I'm gonna go home and die now.'"

Still, he has done a few impressions of the actors who star alongside him behind closed doors.

"I've been doing impressions of Norman and Andy since the beginning of the show, before I even got on it, and my Norman, I gotta say, is maybe one of my favorite impressions of all time. I'm really proud of it," Marquand said. "I've done it for a few people around the show, but... I guarantee you, I can see people filming this — if Norman sees this, he's gonna be upset with me! So I probably shouldn't."

In fact, Marquand's impressions also landed him the role of Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War when Hugo Weaving was not available for the part.

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