Winter Is Coming On The Walking Dead

TWD winter

The Walking Dead's sixth season used a time jump to skip over the winter months seen in its comic book source material. Typically, such moves are made in between seasons, where the showrunners are able to skip the colder month settings and cut costs of having to deal with winter weather for our characters.

Fans of the comics were a bit disappointed by the passing on those winter months as snow and cold weather factored into The Walking Dead's plotlines in the #70s and #80s issues. That doesn't mean we won't be seeing a wintery walker land in the future, though.

"One way or another, I make no promises, but I would be shocked if we didn't," showrunner Scott Gimple says about featuring snow on AMC's The Walking Dead. "But, it would be special if we did it."

The series writer and creator Robert Kirkman chimed in with a laugh, saying, "If we can CGI a tiger, we can CGI some snow!"

Despite being set in Alexandria, Virginia where snow is not uncommon in the winter months, The Walking Dead still films in Georgia (where snow is the closest thing to the state's apocalypse). Any snow seen on the series would take some serious effects and set design work, especially when you consider that production takes place from April to November, the warmer months of the year in an already hot state.

Snow would make for an interesting new dynamic on the AMC series. Seeing how walkers handle the freezing elements in addition to our group managing to stay warm and keep resources plentiful wouldn't be action packed but an interesting string of moments, nonetheless.

In any case, brace yourselves Walking Dead fans. Winter is coming for you, too.


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