Scott Gimple On The Uncertain Future Of 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead's showrunner has an unwavering confidence in the AMC series' ability to survive more seasons.

Scott Gimple, who has been running The Walking Dead since January of 2013, believes the show will easily last beyond the yet-to-be announced season nine. "We're juggling a lot of things but there's been no discussion about season nine being the end," Gimple told THR. "I'm confident of beyond a 10th season; we're building toward the future."

With contracts for stars such as Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln rumored to be running out following Season 8, the Walking Dead boss dodges explaining who will or won't be a part of the show as it presses on. "I wouldn't speak to any of that but I'm very confident of a 10th season," Gimple said. "I think it is a question but there is some business to handle with the things you just said. I'm not sure if they're entirely on the money, as far as timing and everything like that, but I think we are tending to a lot of stuff before we jump into that. In the same respect, there's a super long-term plan and we're continuing to follow it. I know that's a lot of double-talk but I would say everything is quite cool."

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x08, How It's Gotta Be, follow.

With The Walking Dead killing one of its few remaining original cast members in Sunday's midseason finale, many (including Chandler Riggs) have been left wondering how the show will go on without Rick's proper motivation to rebuild civilization. In fact, Lincoln himself has expressed an interest in planning the show's ending.


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