Strand Accidentally Grabbed Madison's Boob On Fear The Walking Dead Set

He was just trying to keep her abreast of the situation...On Sunday's episode of Talking Dead, a [...]

He was just trying to keep her abreast of the situation...

On Sunday's episode of Talking Dead, a rare pre-taped show airing after the Los Muertos episode of Fear the Walking Dead, guests Colman Domingo and Kim Dickens recounted a funny story from the set of the episode.

"It was accidental," Domingo insists before host Chris Hardwick points out that Strand is a seducer of people. Who knows, maybe Strand was trying to work Madison into a brand new con now that Thomas Abigail is gone!

"That cracked us up, honestly!" Domingo explains. "I was reaching back. We shot so much that day and I just went straight for it."

Dickens reenacted the moment, putting her hand on Domingo's chest and quoting his role in the episode to a good laugh from herself, Hardwick, Domingo, Walking Dead alum Ethan Embry, and the crowd. In Domingo's defense, both of them had been heavily sipping on tequila to the point that they thought playing the piano in a zombie infested hotel would be a good idea.

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