'Talking Dead' Guests For 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x07 Revealed

Following Sunday's new episode of The Walking Dead, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will have a full couch to recap the new hour.

Joining Hardwick to talk about the new episode of The Walking Dead will be Josh McDermitt, Austin Amelio, and David Mazouz.

McDermitt, who plays a huge role in Sunday's episode, joined The Walking Dead in its fourth season as Eugene Porter. Early on, the character posed as a scientist claiming to have the cure the to apocalypse's virus. He was quickly revealed as a liar and would frequently do whatever it takes for self-preservation, including betraying the Alexandrian group in favor of Negan and the Saviors.

Amelio joined The Walking Dead in its sixth season as Dwight. Opposite Eugene, Dwight has betrayed the Saviors in favor of Rick and Alexandria and will be a crucial part of Rick's army coming out on top of the war.

Mazouz has never appeared on The Walking Dead. Instead, he is among the ranks of actors who have played the iconic DC Comics character of Bruce Wayne. The young actor plays a young version of Bruce Wayne on Gotham, working his way towards eventually putting on the full Batman suit one day.


The Walking Dead Episode 8x07 is titled, "Time For After." The official synopsis for Time For After reads, "Negan has to enlist the help of his lieutenants in solving a huge issue facing the Sanctuary; Rick and the group continue to enact the plan."

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