Massive 'Talking Dead' Line-Up For 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Premiere

Talking Dead will have a full couch and then some following The Walking Dead Season Nine premiere on Sunday night.

Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will be joined by Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Greg Nicotero and Angela Kang immediately following the extended episode of The Walking Dead. Talking Dead is set to begin at 10:26 pm ET on Sunday night.

McBride and Reedus have starred on The Walking Dead since its first season. The former plays Carol Peletier, a hardened survivor who will now be romantically involved with Khary Payton's King Ezekiel. Reedus debuted as Daryl Dixon in the AMC show's third episode, quickly becoming a fan-favorite character as his seemingly hostile character become a protector for the group.

Morgan joined the show in its Season Six finale as Negan, portraying one of the show's best known villain to date.

Nicotero directed his first episode of The Walking Dead in its second season before becoming an executive producer on the series. His KNB team serves as the brains behind the show's impressive make-up effects which bring the dead to life. Kang serves as showrunner in Season Nine, having written a handful of episodes in the past, and taking over the role from Scott Gimple.

The Walking Dead Episode 9x01 is titled, "A New Beginning." The official synopsis for A New Beginning reads, "Rick and his group make a run into Washington D.C. and search for artifacts they will need to build the civilization he and Carl envisioned." The episode is directed by Nicotero on a script from Kang.


"I also was such a fan of the pilot and so I wanted to kind of try to, aspire to, recapture some of that feeling of the silences and those beautiful wide landscapes, and just the loneliness that can be in the world," Kang told "Except now, we're in a part where we really see that the characters have found this group and they're very tight with each other. So, you get to feel that the warmth between them while there's also conflict."

The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season on Oct. 7, 2018 at 9 pm ET. For more updates and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter!