Watch The Talked About Scene From 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x10

AMC has released the talked about scene from The Walking Dead 8x10, "The Lost and the Plunderers."

Exploring the immediate fallout after the death of longtime survivor Carl Grimes, the episode saw Rick and Michonne depart a battered Alexandria and venture to the junkyard to speak with Scavenger leader Jadis.

Negan and the Saviors, meanwhile, aimed to "get balls deep in every nook and cranny" Rick and the escaped Alexandrians might be holed up in, while Negan and right-hand-man Simon continue to butt heads.

"If I'm not running down Rick and company," Simon asked, "where do you want me?"

Simon and an army of Saviors visited the junkyard, a loose thread Simon wanted axed. "So maybe we learn our lesson," Simon said. "Scrape the plates in the trash, move further out, find other communities to save."

Negan was pissed, but cool. "What we do, saving people, it is hard," he said, in the tone you'd use to scold a dog. "But it damn well works."

"Not lately."

"Once I clip Rick," Negan said, "everything is aces again, Simon."

Unsatisfied with Negan's rules, an impatient Simon ordered the mass execution of the Scavengers. All but Jadis were slaughtered, the Saviors leaving the trash people to reanimate.

Elsewhere, Enid and Aaron ran into trouble at the Oceanside community, where they struggled to recruit the isolationist hideaways in their revolution against Negan and the Saviors.

"We know the difference between friends and enemies," Enid told Cyndie, the fresh de facto leader of Oceanside. "You should too."

Cyndie refused to get involved, leaving Enid and Aaron with a simple warning: "Don't come back."

Later, after surviving a run-in with the reanimated Scavengers, Rick and Michonne make a roadside pit stop.

Rick, struggling to adapt to the loss of his son, opened a letter penned on Carl's last day.

Using a reclaimed Savior walkie talkie, Rick got Negan on the line. Carl's dead.

The news came as a blow to Negan, who was disappointed and genuinely remorseful.

"He asked you to stop," Rick told him. "He asked me to stop. He asked us for peace. But it's too late for that."

An angry Rick promised he's still going to kill Negan.

Negan asked how it happened. "Was it us? Was it the grenades? The fire?"

Rick told him the truth. He went out to help someone, got bit.

"God damn it. Shit. I am sorry," Negan said, meaning it. "I wanted him to be part of things... I had plans. That kid was the future."

Rick wants Negan out of the way.

"You set this course, Rick," Negan told him. "Who's next?"

Rick spit his answer into the walkie. "You are."

Negan didn't buy it.

"You failed. You failed as a leader and most of all, Rick, you failed as a father," Negan said. "Give up. Give up because you have already lost."


Episode 8x11, "Dead or Alive Or," will next put the spotlight on Daryl's journey to the Hilltop and Gabriel's predicament at the Sanctuary, while Enid and the Hilltop learn of Carl's death.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.