'The Walking Dead' Star Confirms Mystery, Discusses "A" And "B" Plans

The Walking Dead star Pollyanna McIntosh has confirmed one theory regarding her plans with the helicopter and teased information about another.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season Nine follow. Major spoilers!

McIntosh's Jadis/Anne character was recently caught by her new lover Father Gabriel communicating with someone over the radio. This mysterious voice is demanding she deliver an "A" to her, while she has so far only offered up "B" personalities. As it turns out, she was indeed planning to trade Negan to these people back when she captured him in Season Eight.

"I did have plans to take Negan, yes," McIntosh said at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta during a panel with Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam. "I did have plans to trade him, but it was awfully tempting just to take him out myself, as well. He would've been a bit more useful to me if I had traded him."

As fans now know, McIntosh's character is looking to venture away from Alexandria and to this place which she seems to be picturing as a post-apocalyptic paradise.

As for what the terms "A" and "B" mean when describing potential candidates for trades, McIntosh is a bit more coy. "It works as a useful tool to define two groups of people, that's about all I can say," the actress said.

Still, she does admit there is a genuine spark between her character and Gilliam's. "Oh, I'd hope so," McItnosh said. "I would like to think so. It makes sense to me that you would look for a partner and a lover and somebody to share things with."


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