'The Walking Dead' Actor Reveals Extreme Secrecy Measures Implemented By The Show

The Walking Dead tries very hard to guard its secrets, but you might be surprised at just how far they'll go.

Deaths and storyline twists are very important to AMC's flagship show, but it seems they've upped their game on keeping those secrets for season 8. Walking Dead actor Callan McAuliffe (who plays Alden on the show) revealed the hoops they have to jump through to even read the script.

"They send [just] your bits of the script via an application that you have your own password on," McAuliffe told NewsCorp.

In fact, McAuliffe has yet to eve read a full script, something the rest of the cast doesn't get to do either.

"I've never read a full script, only ever my bits... they give me [just] enough that contextually I can make something of the character," McAuliffe said.

The script is delivered to the actor's phone via an app, which was custom built for the show. It only shows the actor's part of the script, safeguarding against someone leaking the entire script online.

"It's top secret and literally just gives you your dialogue so you can see who you are talking to, but you don't get to see any of the general arc of the episode," McAuliffe said.

This isn't the only time the show has gone to extreme measures to safeguard secrets and spoilers. During the filming of season 7's shocking finale and premiere, the show had to hide the identity of who Negan killed from drones and other paparazzi. They did so by hiding actors under hoods and cloaks and filmed multiple death scenes to throw cameras off the scent.

It worked for the most part, despite some audio leaks, and they seem to be upping those efforts with every season.

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