The Walking Dead: Alanna Masterson Reveals Who Knows What PPP Means

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 6 follow.

The Walking Dead introduced another group and another mystery on Sunday night. After Tara discovered the Oceanside community (and ran for her life from them), she discovered that Heath was no longer on the bridge where they parted ways after a zombie attack.

As it appeared, Heath either took off in a truck or was abducted by a group eager to leave. Skidmarks on the grass told Tara as much. However, a clue to his whereabouts may have been left behind as a keycard with "PPP" written on it was laying on the ground.

As for what "PPP" means, we have our guesses, but no one can say for sure -- except one person, according to Tara actress Alanna Masterson.

While on Talking Dead Sunday night, Masterson admitted that not even she knows what "PPP" stands for. Instead, the only person who knows is showrunner Scott Gimple.

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(Photo: AMC)

If Masterson was being honest and not trying to mislead us from a future storyline, it's safe to say we would be disappointed if that keycard never turns out to mean anything. However, while Masterson herself may not know, other actors on the series may be involved with a storyline which sees the "PPP" again later down the line.

Most of the episodes this season have seen The Walking Dead's characters very much separated. Should Rick, Maggie, Carl, or Jesus discover a keycard or other object with "PPP" written on it, the tension will rise as audiences realize Heath is likely nearby but the characters don't really have much of a clue -- unless Tara is nearby.

As for getting the answer out of Scott Gimple, don't count it. The showrunner enjoys dodging definitive answers as to keep fans off the scent of what is really going on. In the mean time, we should expect the "PPP" to pop up again somewhere down the line, but considering the pace of The Walking Dead's Season 7, maybe not any time soon.


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