Pollyanna McIntosh Lets Her Hair Down in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Photos

The Walking Dead's Anne (once Jadis) actress Pollyanna McIntosh is letting her hair down on the set of Season Nine's production. Literally.

The character, initially known for rocking some attention-getting bangs and a short haircut, seems to have found a slightly new look for Season Nine. McIntosh shared some photos of herself on set of the show's upcoming episodes where Anne's hair has not only grown but is allowed to flow freely, rather than being pinned so tightly back. Furthermore, she seems to have finally ditched the all-black apparel in favor of some more common garb.

Check out the photos in McIntosh's Instagram post below!

"Flashback to May shooting in Atlanta I don’t much like the [paparazzi] situation but I think some sneaky fans took these as I remember getting out the van and dancing about like a total dork for a cast mate’s 'benefi'” only to be greeted by an excited group of friends taking pictures," McIntosh wrote. "If any of those women took these, nice job! They’ve been online already so no spoilers. They do rather capture the spirit of the thing."

McIntosh's character appeared to be joining Rick's Alexandria community in the Season Eight finale of the AMC series. By the time Fear the Walking Dead began its fourth season, Morgan Jones residing at her trash heap home indicated she had, in fact, abandoned the dump for another home.


How Anne integrates into the group and whether she has truly abandoned the short-speak for good is still unknown. These photos, however, are one of many reasons The Walking Dead fans should be following McIntosh on Instagram.

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