Minkus From 'Boy Meets World' Appeared On 'The Walking Dead'

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TWD Norris
(Photo: AMC)

Lee Norris, who appeared as Minkus in ABC's coming-of-age sitcom from 1993 to 1998, just showed up in the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. Norris plays a Savior named Todd, who is instructed to retrieve some coolers and start packing before their outpost is attacked by a coalition of soldiers from Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom.

Norris' appearance was confirmed by The Walking Dead Twitter account as well as by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick on The Walking Dead's dedicated after show. Todd was sent away moments before the attack and wasn't included in Talking Dead's memorial segment, so he could show up in the future. While it's not always reliable, Norris' IMDb page has him listed as showing up again in episode 8x03, "Monsters."

Norris isn't the first familiar face to pop up on the show: Johnny Depp (kind of) showed up in season 6, and the first-ever Walker to be seen on The Walking Dead (actress Addy Miller) showed up again in the season 8 premiere (also the series' 100th episode). Actress Maria Bello (ER, Goliath) may be showing up sometime over the course of this season, so be on the lookout for her as well.

An even more familiar face to Walking Dead fans resurfaced in tonight's episode, when — spoiler warning — Morales (Juan Pareja) made a shocking return to the series. Not only is Morales alive, he's a committed Savior and threatens to hand Rick over to Negan.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.