'The Walking Dead' Had Another 'Breaking Bad' Easter Egg

The Walking Dead packed a Breaking Bad reference into its episode on Sunday night.Episode 9x10 [...]

The Walking Dead packed a Breaking Bad reference into its episode on Sunday night.

Episode 9x10 shared the backstory of Alpha, leader of the Whisperers in the present timeline. However, prior to her rise as a walker flesh walking villain, she and her husband Frank sang a particular song to their daughter Lydia. "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady," was the tune and fans of AMC's Breaking Bad series probably recognized it. The tune was Todd's ringtone in the show's series finale.

Check out a captioned version of The Walking Dead's singing scenes compared to the Breaking Bad finale with the phone ringing in the tweet below!

The idea of a Breaking Bad having been set in the same universe as The Walking Dead has long been an intriguing notion for fans of both AMC titles. It is also fueled by previous references, such as Merle Dixon having the iconic blue meth cooked up by Breaking Bad's Walter White in The Walking Dead's first season.

In fact, Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam recently addressed such a theory and admitted that he is a fan of such a notion, as well. "I gotta check the timelines on that, let's see if the timelines work out," Gilliam told Serieously in an interview where he responded to fan theories. "I don't know, I like the mashup, I like the crossover idea. It's both in the AMC world. Why not? Let's hit the timeline of that and see."

The Walking Dead's spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead has also paid homage to Breaking Bad in its own way. An Easter egg popped into a Season Three episode which follows Madison Clark into a Mexican Bazar where Breaking Bad's "Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg" can be heard.

Showrunner-at-the-time Dave Erickson confirmed it was a nod to the Vince Gilligan series that ran for five seasons on AMC. "I tried to be subtle with it," Erickson told ComicBook.com. "That was probably the moment when I fell the most deeply in love with Breaking Bad, when they did that cold open music video. As we were looking for pieces to incorporate into this world, it had the right vibe to it. It's a gentle nod of admiration and adoration to Vince Gilligan."

Do you think Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead should find a way to connect the universes? Could Breaking Bad have been a prequel to the Dead universe's zombie apocalypse? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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