The Walking Dead: Carl And Jesus Ride To Negan's Sanctuary In New Clip

A new clip from Season 7 Episode 7 of The Walking Dead shows us that all of the build up might finally be paying off soon.

As Carl and Jesus ride from the Hilltop to the Sanctuary in the back of a Savior truck, they debate on what is their next best action. While Carl wants to continue to the Sanctuary, Jesus wants to leap from the truck, as he claims rolling with the fall will keep him safe considering the low speed of the truck.

According to showrunner Scott Gimple, the characters are on very different missions.

"There are different missions," Gimple said. "One of them is an assassination mission and one is more recon, but now they've been thrown together with different missions, and how that plays out with each other we'll see."

Comic book fans have a taste for what to expect after seeing Carl making his way to the Sanctuary. Titles and synopses from the upcoming episodes seem to confirm those fans' expectations. As for Jesus' place in the truck -- that's a wild card by comparison to the comics. How his role will play out is to be seen in 7x07.


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