'The Walking Dead' Revealed Carl's Death At San Diego Comic-Con

The Walking Dead is officially in the process of killing Carl Grimes after a shocking reveal in the final moments of Episode 8x08, however, the character's fate was actually revealed at San Diego Comic Con.

Typically, The Walking Dead's trailer (which is released annually at San Diego Comic Con) has been known to mislead viewers. For example, the Season 6 trailer made it seem like Rick Grimes was going off the rails and Morgan Jones would team up with Rick to stop him. As it turned out, Rick was merely trying to protect the community from a herd of walkers waiting in a nearby quarry.

Season 8's trailer, however, did not mislead anyone from Carl getting bitten. In fact, it showed the very scene in which Rick's only son was marked for death but no one suspected the AMC series would actually take Chandler Riggs off of the show.

Check out the photo below -- taken from The Walking Dead's more-than-five minutes long San Diego Comic Con trailer -- showing footage from Episode 8x06 where Carl was bitten.

twd carl 806 bite

The shot sees one walker which fell on top of Carl as he lay in the corpse of a dead horse. This particular walker would not sink its teeth into Carl's abdomen but, instead, another would lunge toward him as he fought this one off and get a bite in.


The Walking Dead typically dodges spoilers in its trailers and this clip certainly wasn't enough to spark a huge suspicion of Carl bowing out. Well, played, Walking Dead. Well played.

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