Melissa McBride on New 'The Walking Dead' Showrunner, Future Expansions

The Walking Dead's new showrunner Angela Kang is earning praise from her stars and critics, with Melissa McBride now joining the gang.

"She's lot better looking than Scott Gimple," McBride joked while talking to "She's so pretty. I like her shoes." More descriptively in terms of working together, McBride calls Kang a "very focused female prompt writer" and enjoys her collaborative nature.

"She has surprised me a lot because this whole season has taken on a very different feel from the very first episode, a lot more cinematic feel," McBride said. "The way she is using the landscapes, the way she's using props, the way all the partners are really taking hold of what it is they do, or they've created for instance." Plus, she gave Carol some new weapons in Season Nine.

"She's got good leadership and she also communicates well with the departments," McBride goes on. "She will say, 'This is what I want, do what you do.' I am enjoying it. Ya know, Scott has this way, you can't compare. This is just apples to oranges but the show has gone through different showrunners and they all have their very unique point of view. They all have their way that they approach the work. And its totally felt through the lives on the production."


With former showrunner Gimple having moved to a chief content officer role, the cast members do not work with him as much on a daily basis. "It's pretty much Angela and we talk to Scott to say, 'Hi,' and see how he is doing," McBride said. "So, he is very secretive, he is working on top secret stuff." Top secret stuff, like movies and future Walking Dead spinoffs. "I'm excited about the movies," McBride said. "The movies are exciting. I don't know anything about it, I really don't. I'm excited about whatever this world is that's coming for the walking dead. Its expanding. Its expanding and I really don't know anything about it. I hope I am part of the expansion."

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