'The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Just Bought A Flame Thrower From Elon Musk

The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs purchased a $500 flamethrower from Elon Musk's The Boring [...]

The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs purchased a $500 flamethrower from Elon Musk's The Boring Company.

"When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll be glad you bought a flamethrower," Musk wrote on Twitter. "Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!" "Can confirm," Riggs wrote in response, adding a follow up tweet submitting proof of purchase.

"Just pre-ordered one," Riggs wrote, "I better be able to mow down a horde with this bad boy."

You "can't even deny how cool this thing looks," he wrote, sharing a picture of what is described as the "world's safest flamethrower."

The 18-year-old actor's time with the hit zombie series came to an end late last year when Riggs learned his character, long-time survivor Carl Grimes, would be killed off after eight seasons.

"Carl is going to die," Riggs said following a December episode that saw the teen reveal an incurable zombie bite on his midsection. "There's no way he can get back from that. His story is definitely coming to an end."

Riggs noted leaving The Walking Dead wasn't his decision, which was "all story related."

"It made sense story-wise for it to happen for Rick and Michonne and all the other characters," Riggs said.

Then showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who has since been promoted by AMC to oversee the Walking Dead brand for the network, said the bite will play out "as bites play out on the show."

"That is a one-way ticket," Gimple said, shooting down theories Carl's looming death could be altered.

Fans launched petitions to save Carl and fire Gimple from his position as showrunner as response to the controversial death sentence, set to play out in February's mid-season premiere.

"I think it's one of our most powerful episodes that we've ever produced," director Greg Nicotero said of the episode. "When I watched the first cut of this episode, tears were coming out of my eyes 20 minutes into it."

Riggs will next appear in big screen crime thriller Inherit the Viper alongside Josh Hartnett and Bruce Dern.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 25 on AMC.