Is 'The Walking Dead' Giving Daryl a Pet in Season 9?

The Walking Dead might be giving Daryl Dixon a new best friend in Season Nine.

Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead Season Nine follow!

After set photos surfaced online, Forbes cited some fan commentary and spoiler sites claiming that Norman Reedus' has been sharing his set time with a non-human companion. Daryl Dixon apparently has a pet dog in The Walking Dead's ninth season.

Reedus has long been an advocate for his character to have a dog at his side. At one point, such a companion for Daryl was on the actor's wish list for the AMC series. The wish appears to be granted as Reedus has been spotted shooting with a dog in his Alexandria wagon according to spoiler hunters.

Daryl having a dog is much more than a fan-service for people hoping to see a good boy make the cut of the series. It is a true sign of how far the survivors within The Walking Dead's world have come. In previous seasons of the zombie show, animals were merely viewed as either threats or resources. While Daryl might get a bit of service out of his dog, having taken up residence at the Sanctuary for the start of Season Nine, this is the first time anyone will be caring for a pet in the post-apocalyptic setting.

In fact, if the dog rumors turn out to be true, it wouldn't be the only animal coming to the series. Photos from the upcoming episodes and the official trailer promised the comic book element of survivors finding transport by horseback is becoming a prominent factor. Between Alexandria and its surrounding communities, several horses and carriages are coming into play for Season Nine.


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