The Walking Dead Day Draws Thousands To Kentucky Town

If you’ve been itching to try out a zombie cosplay and live anywhere near the small town of [...]

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If you've been itching to try out a zombie cosplay and live anywhere near the small town of Cynthiana, then I hope you knew about The Walking Dead Day. The Kentucky town hosted its first-ever 'Walking Dead Day' to honor creator Robert Kirkman and illustrator Tony Moore. And, surely, a few locals must've been surprised when they walked outside their homes to see their streets flooded with hundreds gorey zombies.


WTVQ, a local news station, braved the event as they interview shockingly polite walkers, complete with exposed entrails and gruesome special FX make-up. Attendee Courtney Wright told the station she and her family had been looking forward to the celebration. "It's a chance to play October in the middle of August and July so we came out in prosthetics and makeup to join the crowd and play," she said.

The event also persuaded plenty of tourists to visit the town as fans of The Walking Dead stumbled into the city. Hailing from Detroit, Karen Sherlock came dressed to impress other undead companions. She said her and her brothers were fans of The Walking Dead comic before it became a TV show.

Both Kirkman and Moore attended the festival where Mayor James Smith proclaimed August 6th 'Robert Kirman and Tony Moore Day.' The two met at a local school in Cynthiana way back in middle school before The Walking Dead was even a thought in their minds.

"Yeah we were in Linda Smart's history class and she knew we were the comic nerds so she sat us together and in front where she could watch us," Moore said. "We hit it off."

Kirkman also spoke at the event, still flabbergasted by The Walking Dead's growing popularity. Currently, the comic has collected over 150 issues and has spawned off one of the most popular TV shows on cable television.

Heading into its seventh season, The Walking Dead will return to AMC this fall on October 23rd.