'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Confirms Eduardo is Alive

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

A missing character from The Walking Dead has been confirmed as alive by showrunner Angela Kang. The Hilltop's Eduardo, played by Peter Zimmerman, is somewhere in the Dead universe and walking upright -- with a pulse -- despite having not been seen since Season Eight.

"Eduardo, I think he probably is at the Hilltop," Kang told INSIDER. "Also, we have people kind of going back and forth on journeys, so there may be some more Eduardo in the future or not. It's also a subject to scheduling and things like that." Zimmerman was originally planned to reprise the role of Eduardo in Season Nine of The Walking Dead, however, changes in schedule saw the actor film a role in Disney's Jungle Cruise movie at the same time.

"We have many people at the Hilltop, so one of the things that we kind of wanted to do was show a variety of people," Kang said. "There probably were some people that went off with Maggie. There's people that I think we'll see in the future, [who] have been off on kind of other journeys."

As many fans across social media have suggested, it seems possible Eduardo is off on the same journey as Maggie. After all, it's unlikely she took a trip to a foreign land by herself. "It's all part of the very wide world of our characters and the backs and forths that they're in," Kang said. "We shine the spotlight on different people in any given year."

Zimmerman is enthusiastic about a possible return.

"I think Eduardo being at the Hilltop makes sense, being that it is his home," the actor told INSIDER. "I'm glad to hear that Angela thinks Eduardo is alive and that there is a chance of seeing him again. I would love that."

His comments will only fuel the theories of the character's journey with Maggie. "Initially, I thought it made sense for Eduardo to be protecting Maggie wherever she went," Zimmerman said. "He's been pretty loyal to her from the beginning and I could have seen him doing his best to keep her and the baby safe. If he's been at the Hilltop, I would like to think he's been teaching others what he's learned over the course of three seasons with farming, fighting, and trying to keep a community running."

During his hiatus with The Walking Dead, Zimmerman has not only been working on films but also releasing music to the praise of his fans, including a music video for a song titled, "Te Quiero Solo A Ti," directed by ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis.


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