'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Episode 11: Dead or Alive Or

On Sunday night, AMC will air the eleventh episode of The Walking Dead's eight season.Episode 8x11 [...]

On Sunday night, AMC will air the eleventh episode of The Walking Dead's eight season.

Episode 8x11 is titled, "Dead or Alive Or." The official synopsis for Dead or Alive Or reads, "Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Gabriel's faith gets tested." Based on photos from the new episode, Daryl may not be alone in that bad company, as he and Rosita appear to be on some sort of side quest together.

To watch Episode 8x11 online, head over to AMC's official website after it airs in its extended broadcast slot, concluding at 10:08 pm ET.

The episode will be a well-balanced mix of important faces to the AMC show in the aftermath of Carl's death as the narrative cruises toward the conclusion of Rick and Negan's feud. While Negan will play a part in Episode 8x11, it is the first installment of the current season in which Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes does not appear.

Seth Gilliam's Father Gabriel will have yet another breakout episode on Sunday night as his character battles an illness en route to the Hilltop community. Alongside Doctor Carson, Gabriel's faith will be tested as they try to escape the Saviors. Following the episode, Gilliam will join ComicBook.com's After the Dead recap show from an exclusive interview.

ComicBook.com's After the Dead is hosted by The Walking Dead insider Brandon Davis and fellow expert Janell Wheeler. During the 30-minute episode viewable for free on the official ComicBook NOW Facebook page and ComicBook.com Originals YouTube channel, Davis and Wheeler will engage a live comment section and share their thoughts of The Walking Dead's most recent episodes as well as what to expect from future installments.

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