'The Walking Dead' Gets Super-Sized Midseason 8 Finale

The Walking Dead likes to go big for its premiere and finale episodes, so the last episode of 2017 will go into overtime.

Set to air on December 10, The Walking Dead Episode 8x08 will run for 88 minutes on AMC, as opposed to the traditional 60-minute broadcast slot. Talking Dead will follow the episode, airing at 10:28 pm ET, rather than its regularly scheduled 10:00 pm ET slot.

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead's eighth season does not yet have a title or synopsis but is likely to shock fans as the war between Negan and Rick rolls on. It's unlikely the All Out War story will conclude in the first half of Season 8, giving the midseason finale the opportunity to leave fans hanging with some major cliffhanger moments as the show's comic book source material often did.

With The Walking Dead episodes typically airing for one hour, the episode runtimes usually add up to about 42-45 minutes without commercials. With actual runtime being about 75% of the broadcast schedule, fans can expect about 60 to 66 minutes of new Walking Dead content with Episode 8x08.

The episode is directed by executive producer and visual effects guru Greg Nicotero, who also directed Episode 8x01 and is currently working on the Season 8 finale.


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