The Walking Dead Filmed Multiple Deaths To Keep Negan’s Victim A Secret

Negan Beard No Beard

The season six finale of The Walking Dead left off with a large cliffhanger, and AMC isn't about to let anyone spoil the reveal for season seven.

The studio is already pretty protective of its actors and storylines, but for season seven they've taken that even further. According to THR sources, 11 cast members have filmed death scenes just to throw people off the scent. When the show is done filming, the decision will be made in the editing room as to who actually gets killed by Lucille.

The task of keeping things safe has become more complicated due to the widespread use of drones. Executive Producer Scott Gimple shared some thoughts on the new annoyance.

"With the advent of drones, it can become such a game of cat and mouse that as far as sneaking a peek at the actors walking to set, we want to just keep our actors safe and the people who might be looking safe — like [when they're] in the street,"

Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, has also previously stated that the actors are moved around to different locations, and sometimes they wear hoods just to keep things from being revealed. She added: "Sometimes you can tell a specific story point based on what someone's wearing or what their makeup looks like — so in that case, we do what we can to cover in order to protect the story,"


Once we hit the premiere, it won't take long to see who Negan kills, as Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has said: "you'll see who was at the end of that bat and what happened from there."