'The Walking Dead' Just Featured Its Most Gruesome Walker Deaths

The Walking Dead 8x10, "The Lost and the Plunderers," sees a return to the Scavengers' junkyard — bringing the long-running series some of its most gnarly walker deaths yet.

The Walking Dead scavengers
(Photo: AMC)

Savior general Simon wants to cut their losses with the flip-flopping garbage people, disagreeing with Negan that the vulture-like heapsters still hold value.

"Eliminating those who reneged might leave us a tad short on ammo," Simon tells him, "but its worth it."

"I need you to hear me on this, Simon. Those piss-stained double-crossers may have pulled a triple-cross, but it doesn't change the fact that they are still a resource," Negan says. "So you're gonna choke back whatever shit is stirring up inside you and remind them that a deal with the Saviors is a lock, stock, suck-my-barrel deal. Deliver the standard message. Take one out... and the rest will fall in line."

He really needs him to hear this.

"Just one, Simon," Negan says.

Later, at the junkyard, an increasingly impatient Simon demands an apology from a typically stoic Jadis.

"I know you had your little side deal with Rick," Simon says, "despite the pre-existing arrangement with us."

All he wants, he says, is a "heartfelt act of confession."

"No deal with Rick," Jadis tells him. "Delivered him. Brought to you."

Simon calls "bullshit," loudly, but says Negan is willing to forgo punishment if she reverts to the term of their original deal. He then demands the Scavengers hand over their guns, all of them, and the accompanying ammunition.

Dissatisfied with Jadis' lack of cooperation, Simon shoots Brion. There's one.

Jadis is visibly upset. But, Simon says, there's not enough remorse.

BANG. Tamiel goes down. There's two.

The trash queen winds up and socks Simon in the face, hard.

"There is remorse, you son of a bitch!" she hisses, a big mistake.

"Light it up, gents," he says. An ever-ready band of Saviors open fire on the Scavengers, slaughtering them — leaving only Jadis behind.

A distraught Jadis presides over her empire of dirt on her trash throne, listening to the moans of her reanimated subjects.

Robbed of her weapons and outnumbered, Jadis has no choice but to mass execute the shuffling corpses by luring them towards a hulking compactor.

The Walking Dead jadis
(Photo: AMC)

Jadis baits the walkers into heading straight into the hungry blades, like a gorier take on the classic Lemmings video game, where the walkers are quickly minced into bloody sprays.

She can do nothing but sit and watch, tearfully, as her followers are ground up into minced meat. It's as efficient as it is brutal, and with every roar of the machine, The Walking Dead's oft-maligned trash people have met their end.


Actress Pollyanna McIntosh told ComicBook.com there's "more to be revealed" about Jadis, who we still count among the living by episode's end.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.