'The Walking Dead's Mystery Helicopter Possible Origin Addressed

The Walking Dead dropped a bombshell in 8x14, "Still Gotta Mean Something," when that mysterious recurring helicopter made a sudden reappearance — this time at Jadis' junk yard. And that helicopter could have something to do with series newcomer Georgie.

Asked if the helicopter is tied to Georgie, actress Jayne Atkinson told ComicBook.com: "It is possible."

"When they ask her about whether or not has she done this with other people, she had clearly been doing a scouting process to find out about these different groups," Atkinson said. "She's clearly been around. So it could very well be."

8x14 peered into Jadis' "apartment" — a converted storage container straight out of an IKEA catalogue — a plainly decorated room containing a walkie talkie and a packed and ready-to-go suitcase. It also saw Jadis glance at her watch, an overlooked motion in a zombie apocalypse.

Later, Jadis contemplated feeding her prisoner, Negan, to her zombie garbage disposal, only to be halted by the alerting beeps of her digital watch.

She looked to the sky. The sound of rotating blades.

As she went to wrestle a flare from Negan's grip, it rolled into a nearby puddle. The flare extinguished, and a desperate and hurried Jadis raced to find another — just as the helicopter soared into view.

"What the sh—t?" Negan said, as the helicopter hovered above.

Then, with no response, it reversed course and was gone.

Just seconds later, Jadis, outstretched and yelling, waved another flare. "No! No! I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!"

But it was gone, and Jadis crumpled.

Georgie's statement to Maggie suggested she would be returning to Hilltop somewhere down the line — possibly months or years later — but Atkinson told us Georgie could be showing up somewhere else.


"I don't know when we'll see her, but she does say, 'I will be back,'" Atkinson said. "And to me, there was a wink-wink, nod-nod from the powers that be that there is a possibility of seeing Georgie in other universes, worlds of Walking Dead."

The Walking Dead airs the penultimate episode of season 8, "Worth," Sunday, April 8 at 9/8c on AMC.