Those Hilltop Graves Aren't Carl's On 'The Walking Dead'

When The Walking Dead kicked off its eighth season, it also kicked off a now-debunked theory regarding possible new graves at the Hilltop.

One of The Walking Dead's timelines in the timeline hopping Episode 100 saw Rick Grimes standing at a pair of graves at the Hilltop. The angle of the shot set fans on fire, suspecting these graves being new victims of the war who would be buried in the future. Beside them, of course, would be Glenn and Abraham's graves.

Many suspected Carl Grimes would end up in those graves. While Carl Grimes will ultimately succumb to a walker bite when the AMC series returns in 2018, his grave will not be at the Hilltop.

A preview for The Walking Dead's remaining Season 8 episodes revealed Carl's grave to be in Alexandria's graveyard, beside Deanna, Jessie, and other Alexandrian characters.

twd carl grave 809

Devastatingly, Rick Grimes will have to bury his son in Alexandria when The Walking Dead returns in 2018. Based on the look of Alexandria behind him, Carl will be put down quite quickly, with flames still burning in the Safe-Zone and smoke clouding the surrounding area.

In the end, this concludes Carl and Judith will not be in the Hilltop's graves and there likely won't be any new graves added beside Glenn and Abraham. During's time on the set of Episode 100, there were only two graves at the Hilltop.

Still, Rick will be reeling from the loss of Carl going forward. Walking Dead fans got that much right. "[Rick has] lost the things that he's fighting this war for," Rick actor Andrew Lincoln told "That has a huge effect on him and it changes him irrevocably."


"[Showrunner] Scott [Gimple] called me up and said, 'You're gonna hate this one. I want to just forewarn you,'" Lincoln said. "Even then, I was waiting to say, 'This is a really cool way of telling me that I'm off the show, you know that?' That's what I thought he was about to say. He said, 'It's the kid.' I couldn't even say, 'No.' I was silent for a minute. He said, twice, 'Are you still there?' I just didn't see it coming."

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