'The Walking Dead': Pollyanna McIntosh Knew Jadis' Big Reveal All Along

Jadis has turned out to be much more than her words had ever let on in The Walking Dead, something Pollyanna McIntosh knew to be the case all along.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x10 follow!

After Jadis was revealed to have been an artist who scavenged the trash heap for supplies before the fall, McIntosh joined ComicBook.com's After the Dead to share some insight on the big reveals. "I always knew," McIntosh said of her character.

As for the feud with Simon which prompted Jadis to finally find her words, McIntosh promises she still hasn't said everything she wanted to. "I don't think that that is something I can say even on 'the internets,'" McIntosh joked.

Though the scenes were quite sad for her character, McIntosh admits she got a kick out of The Walking Dead crew's work which turned her former trash heap pals into a pile of meat. "I really enjoyed it," McIntosh said. "I remember, specifically, watching the conveyor belt of the mud pie guts and fabric running down... Actors do this a lot, you clock natural reactions that you have and you go, 'Huh, that's funny.' And this was one of them where I just found myself grinning at it like a kid, like, 'Oh, this is so fun!' And realizing, 'Oh, you're looking at what should be human guts and Walker guts and you're really enjoying it. You've definitely crossed over.'"

That's it, The Walking Dead has claimed Pollyanna McIntosh. The comment sections and spoiler-hunting fans, however, have not. The number one question coming out of the episode will be regarding the Scavengers' helipad but McIntosh isn't will to ruin any of the upcoming surprises. "Of course, I've been wanting to ask that question for a very long time," McIntosh said. "I've been asking that question, myself for a very long time. But, yeah, no ruining of things."

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