'The Walking Dead': Is This What Causes Jadis to Be Whisperer Leader Alpha?

The Walking Dead's long off-season continues and theories and speculation are aplenty. After a major spoiler was revealed in the most recent trailer for Season Eight's back half, a new theory has spawned calling Jadis the Whisperer leader Alpha.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season Eight follow!

With the Scavenger group calling the trash heap home having be eliminated and reanimated as walkers, Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis is seen in the most recent trailer sitting atop her rubble. She no longer has people to lead and needs to either find a place to call home, die, or take on a new group. Should she take on a new group, her short spoken and not wanting to be bothered nature help her fit the bill as a candidate for the live-action adaptation of Alpha.

In short, The Walking Dead comics introduce Alpha as the leader of a group of barbaric and savage survivors wearing walker skin and guts to blend in with the dead, never talking about a whisper and keeping their dialogue to a minimum.

With the Whisperer story on the horizon for the AMC series, transforming Jadis into Whisperer leader Alpha before Season Eight comes to a close could be a very smart move. With the war between Rick and Negan set to find a resolution before Season Eight does, such a conclusion could be a great jumping off point for audiences who have invested more than two years to arc. Converting Jadis by shaving the character's head and revealing her adoption of walker guts as a means of survival before the season ends would be a welcome and intriguing tease, motivating fans to return for Season Nine to see what's next.

Furthermore, Alpha's fate in the comics as it pertains to Negan -- a major development between Rick and Negan's post-war relationship -- could be very interesting on television given the already established relationship between the Scavengers and the Saviors. It could be an added layer of depth the comics didn't have, not to say it wasn't a shocking and interesting story nonetheless.

ComicBook.com flat out asked McIntosh if there is any chance her Jadis character transforms into Alpha. "I think, you know, in a very diplomatic, poltician type of way," McIntosh started. "I can say I think anything is possible in this universe we're inhabiting right now and that's one of the really strong points of the show because I'm not gonna tell you anything!"


At this point, it's a wait-and-see game for The Walking Dead and its potential Whisperer characters.

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018. Fear the Walking Dead will debut its fourth season after The Walking Dead concludes its eighth, at 10 pm ET on April 15. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.