Expect Jesus To Adopt Iconic 'The Walking Dead' Comic Look

The Walking Dead's Jesus might start to adopt the look of his comic book counterpart more closely [...]

The Walking Dead's Jesus might start to adopt the look of his comic book counterpart more closely sooner or later.

In The Walking Dead comics, Hilltop ninja Paul "Jesus" Monroe is known for rocking what the kids call a "man bun" as his long hair is tied above his head. While the AMC show's Paul "Jesus" Rovia actor Tom Payne has made the effort of growing out his hair and beard to match the look fans are expecting from his character, he hasn't quite taken the man bun approach just yet. Answering a fan question for ComicBook.com, however, Payne says fans should expect to see the look in live-action.

"I think at some point you will be seeing that, yeah," Payne said. "I think it calls for the horse and the sword and body armor and all that kind of stuff. I think the hair should come along at some point, yeah."

Payne does, however, admit he might not keep the hair and beard which he has grown for The Walking Dead for too long after Jesus' time or the show's expires.

As for The Walking Dead's upcoming Mid-Season Eight premiere, Payne's Jesus may not be as affected by the inevitable death of Carl Grimes as some of the other characters will. "I kind of rocked the boat a little bit on a Q and A recently where someone asked me about what Jesus thinks about Carl's death and I was like, 'Well, Jesus doesn't really know Carl, and I'm not sure if he really is that impacted by it, to be honest,'" Payne said. "He spent about as much time, probably more time, with Glenn than he spent with Carl. He's had that, and he's just always been more about the people left behind, like Maggie and Sasha and Enid."

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