'The Walking Dead's Judith Is In 'Stranger Things'


The Walking Dead fans may be surprised to learn the twins who play Judith also appear on Stranger Things.

Anniston and Tinsley Price, also known as The Price Twins have played both Judith Grimes of the zombie apocalypse and the little Wheeler girl in the supernatural world of Stranger Things. Though their role has been minimal so far on the Netflix series, the show's third season might push them to the upside down. Who knows!

The twins, in fact, are getting plenty of work! The will also star in 2018's Galveston, a crime drama about a dying hitman who returns to his hometown where he plans his revenge. Previously, they shared time as the Perfexia Toddler in Allegiant.

According to their IMDb profiels, Tinsley has her sister beat in total credits despite claiming four titles each. Anniston is credited for five episodes of both The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, while Tinsley takes six Walking Dead episode credits and eight Stranger Things credits.

Of course, the actresses have since outgrown their Walking Dead role, as the timeline calls for Judith remaining a toddler while they have sprouted to the age of five.


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(via DailyStar)