‘The Walking Dead’ Star Sarah Wayne Callies Directing ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 5 Episode

Former Walking Dead star Sarah Wayne Callies is returning to the Dead universe as director on a [...]

Former Walking Dead star Sarah Wayne Callies is returning to the Dead universe as director on a Season Five episode of spinoff Fear the Walking Dead.

"You're still looking at story, but your job is the macro. So far the only thing I don't like about it is having to direct myself, and so the great joy of the Fear job is I'm not acting in it," Callies told The ISA.

"And so I get to just focus on connecting with the actors and tracking the story and working with the department heads. It's so awesome, I love it."

The former Lori Grimes star added going behind the camera is "an extraordinary transition to be making, and it's a really cool time to become a female director."

Callies made her directorial debut in a Season Three episode of Colony, where she starred as Katie Bowman. She also directed an episode of mini-series Unspeakable, where she starred in a main role.

Colman Domingo, a main player on the spinoff since its first season, was the first Walking Dead star to direct an episode of either series when he made his television directorial debut with Fear Season Four episode 'Weak.' Former Abraham Ford star Michael Cudlitz made his own directorial debut this past half-season of The Walking Dead Season Nine, steering 907, 'Stradivarius.'

Andrew Lincoln, who headlined The Walking Dead before departing the television series in favor of an upcoming Walking Dead movie trilogy, has since returned to set on the mothership series to shadow directors. He'll make his first behind-the-camera effort on that series in Season Ten, already officially renewed for an October return on AMC.

Michonne star and accomplished playwright Danai Gurira, who is confirmed to exit the series with Season Ten, is also considering directing a future episode of The Walking Dead.

"It has crossed my thoughts. Anything is possible, but ultimately, I have to feel it all through," she said in October.

"It's not in the top two places, but absolutely. I have to figure out when and where. I like the idea of writing and directing something as well. So it's on the list, but I have to work on a couple other things first."

Callies briefly returned to the Walking Dead Universe in November, making a voice cameo in Lincoln's sendoff episode.

In February, Callies boarded NBC pilot Council of Dads under producers of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Grey's Anatomy. More recently, Callies reaffirmed she's never watched either Walking Dead series, admitting aboard Walker Stalker Cruise 2019, "Zombies scare me, I'm sorry."

Fear the Walking Dead debuts Season Five this summer on AMC.


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