The Walking Dead Might Bring Back (And Change) Another Character With Maggie

The Walking Dead has been forced to call audibles by comparison to its comic book source material [...]

The Walking Dead has been forced to call audibles by comparison to its comic book source material as actors have elected to exit the series or other circumstances called for some variations. One such audible saw Dante changed drastically for the TV series by comparison to his comic book counterpart, this change as a result of Lauren Cohan's absence from the series as Maggie. Going forward with Maggie returning to the series before season 10 comes to an end, the series could bring another character back and change his story to accommodate Maggie's, once again.

Eduardo, a character portrayed by Peter Zimmerman, was introduced as a member of the Hilltop community. Many know him as the guy with the man bun who likes to carry a spear. Eduardo was not seen after the show's eighth season but showrunner Angela Kang confirmed the character is still alive. "We have many people at the Hilltop, so one of the things that we kind of wanted to do was show a variety of people," Kang told INSIDER. "There probably were some people that went off with Maggie. There's people that I think we'll see in the future, [who] have been off on kind of other journeys."

If Eduardo is indeed off with Maggie (likely at the Commonwealth), he might be filling in the comic book story vacated by Dante who is now dead on the series. In the books, Dante becomes a love interest who takes every chance he gets to look after Maggie. She is reluctant to give him much to work with on a romantic level as the loss of Glenn weighs heavily on Maggie but eventually she decides to give Dante a chance.

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Eduardo seems like a suitable candidate to fill in for Dante's story, should he be brought back to The Walking Dead. Then again, it's possible the AMC series could make a wholly unique character for the TV show as they have in the past to pull from Dante's story in the source material. The idea of seeing a familiar face return to get some major development as a character, though, seems more interesting. While Maggie will return briefly in season 10, Zimmerman's Eduardo would not come back until season 11, should he make his way back to The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its tenth season on February 23.