The Walking Dead: Michonne is Supposed to Be in Rick Grimes Movies

With Michonne appearing on The Walking Dead for the last time in Sunday night's Episode 10x13, it [...]

With Michonne appearing on The Walking Dead for the last time in Sunday night's Episode 10x13, it is clear that Danai Gurira is expected to appear in the upcoming promised trilogy of films which will see Andrew Lincoln reprise his role as Rick Grimes. The Dead universe has been almost silent on the movie front as the show continues to roll on all cylinders, despite expansions and references to the character popping into the mix. With Gurira having exited the part in Sunday's episode and Michonne's story being left open-ended, she is supposed to reprise her role in the Rick Grimes movie.

With six years having passed between Rick Grimes leaving the Alexandria area and Michonne exiting to go look for him, the plan was to have Michonne join the films in the second of the promised trilogy. However, there has not been any confirmation from AMC in regards to Gurira returning to the role, yet. With The Walking Dead universe's chief content officer Scott Gimple appearing on Talking Dead following Gurira's final episode, some expected an update there, but there was nothing concrete to be shared as the situation is evolving behind the scenes.

What will be interesting to see is how Michonne's caravan of more than a thousand survivors will interact with the group which took Rick Grimes away from Alexandria. The logo on the helicopter represented a group referred to as CRM, revealed to be a military group which is going to be sprawling a large portion of the country with a lot of survivors. Could Michonne and Rick end up coming face to face with allegiances to groups which end up in a disagreement?

The Walking Dead Episode 10x13 is titled, "What We Become." The official synopsis for What We Become reads, "Michonne takes Virgil back to his mysterious island to reunite with his family. In exchange, Virgil promises weapons that could change the tide of the Whisperer War." The episode is directed by Sharat Raju on a script from Vivian Tse.

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