Give The Walking Dead Another Shot This Sunday Night

The Walking Dead is rolling on all cylinders right now. Episode after episode, fans have been left [...]

The Walking Dead is rolling on all cylinders right now. Episode after episode, fans have been left with a feeling similar to that of its glory days when Rick Grimes was pitted against the Governor or the group was making an effort to escape Terminus. A divisive couple of seasons which began with the violent slaughter of Glenn and Abraham and culminated after two years of beloved characters being bullied and bullets aimlessly flying around have been followed by a tremendously paced, masterfully directed, and scarily delivered run of episodes. The show is scary again. Love or hate what The Walking Dead did with the Negan war, the series has unified its viewers once again with a quality everyone is getting behind, so this Sunday is the best time to give the show another shot.

Sunday night's episode, in particular, is a great jumping back on point for the series for anybody who may have left in the past three years. It is an isolated episode which follows Danai Gurira's Michonne on a journey with Kevin Carroll's Virgil. If you left the series, you don't know who Virgil is, but this episode truly unmasks the character for the first time -- so that's okay. Not only is the episode very good in itself, there is an abundance of callbacks and twists on familiar moments which fans of the early seasons of the show will appreciate, offering a nostalgic feeling while progressing the show forward.

After watching Sunday night's Episode 10x13, it's a safe bet people who may have tuned out of AMC's zombie series as it gets through its tenth season might be willing to do a little bit of catch up work -- and they will be rewarded for it. The show has reached a pivotal point as the comic story indicates a journey to a much larger world known as the Commonwealth is on the horizon. Diving in and catching up on the Whisperer War story, one which was loaded with plot twists, shocking moments, and character builders, Season 9 and Season 10 act as their own entity which are a rewarding experience on their own.

Negan, a character brilliantly played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan since his introduction, has certainly benefited from a new style of writing which is justified by a prison stint. The character and his unpredictable nature and pure entertainment value of his screen time has become the best part of the show. Meanwhile, in the absence of Rick Grimes, cast members such as Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and Cooper Andrews have been given great opportunities to step up -- capitalizing on each moment along the way.

Plus, the options are getting more limited. The streaming platforms only offer so much content and sports are all cancelled. This is not a plea to get more people to watch The Walking Dead because the family of it is so welcoming but a suggestion based on having been with the show through its highs and lows over 10 years. Right now, the show is close to reaching an all time high.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.