Who Dies in 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season 9 Finale?

With the Mid-Season Nine finale of The Walking Dead set to air on Sunday night, the threat of losing a beloved survivor is imminent.

The Walking Dead Episode 9x08 is titled, "Evolution." The official synopsis for "Evolution" reads, "A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all." It is directed by Michael Satrazemis with a script from David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

Let's take a look at who is in danger and who is safe in The Walking Dead Episode 9x08...

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Michonne- Safe. Mysteries are currently surrounding Michonne. What is her "X" scar? Why can't she see Maggie? How did she save the Hilltop's lives? As these play out, she will remain safe and lead Alexandria.

Negan- Safe. Nobody is eager to kill Negan anymore as his biggest enemy claimed him "already worse than dead" before she head out of town. Negan will continue to live in his cell and serve his sentence before an inevitable jail break changes things up.

Carol- Safe. Carol proved she is still quite strong despite being made vulnerable by a relationship and raising Henry as her son. Her relationships continue to be a driving factor as caring for others is what she does best but it will also keep her out of harm's way, for now.

Daryl- Safe. Daryl will finally ditch the solitary life, at least for a moment, in Sunday night's episode. One of the most skilled survivor's in the woods, he'll help on the hunt for Eugene. While the Whisperers are lurking, Daryl is smart enough not to let them become a threat.

Siddiq- Danger. Siddiq is only listed as being in danger because Enid is now also a doctor and every fan of The Walking Dead knows the one doctor rule this show has! He is developing himself a nicely fitting role within the Alexandria community, in the mean time.

Jesus- Danger. Jesus is listed as being in "danger" for the first time this season after being revealed as leader of Hilltop and suddenly volunteering himself for a rescue mission. The circumstances of his departure from Hilltop seem too fitting for a death set up.

Enid- Safe. Enid has a key role on The Walking Dead now as the community doctor at the Hilltop. She's not going anywhere, though she is stealing Siddiq's job!

Gabriel- Safe. After close encounters with Jadis and her helicopter people, Father Gabriel has spent his time in the apocalypse evolving. His knowledge of the other community makes him crucial for Rick's possible return, should it ever happen, and taking caring of Negan is as much fun as he'll have on Sunday night.

Ezekiel- Danger. Fans of The Walking Dead comics know the Whisperers being nearby means Ezekiel is in danger. Plus, relationships on this show rarely end well, so he can't be ruled safe at any point this season.

Jerry- Safe. Jerry continues his happy-go-lucky nature and blossoming relationship with Nabila in surviving fashion.

Tara- Safe. Tara has been showing her friendlier side but hasn't been tremendously involved with the current storyline. Killing her would be an injustice!

Rosita- Safe. Rosita is injured but safely back at the Hilltop.

Eugene- Danger. Eugene is manically hiding from the show's new villains. He is anything but safe in such a scenario.


Aaron- Danger. Heading out on the rescue mission with Daryl and Jesus, Aaron is in a dangerous position. His character is the type who fans have grown attached to enough that if the writers decided to take him out for the Whisperers to make their mark, it would be shocking, but not enough to spark a rating-dropping riot.

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