The Spoiler Sites Won't Even Spoil 'The Walking Dead' Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead's midseason finale will apparently be so shocking that even the sites dedicated to spoiling the AMC series aren't spoiling it.

Known spoiler group The Spoiling Dead Fans took to social media with a post about the upcoming Episode 8x08 and vowed not to spoil the experience for anyone who has not yet watched the episode.

"Now that we have your attention, buttercups," the account wrote. "After careful consideration we have decided that we will not be providing a Q&A or any spoilery bits this week.

"AMC has been hyping a very shocking moment that will occur in this episode. I think most of us know this almost certainly means a death. We invite you to draw your own conclusions on what will happen. Review the spoiler journal, filming and discussion threads, and take what bits you can and try to put the pieces together.

"We have our reasons for doing this which we’ll share after the episode. No, it has nothing to do with any legal matters. We will not be answering any questions about episode 8 from this point on. Sorry buttercups, but bribes of liquor and pancakes will not change our minds.

"We know this is disappointing for thousands of people that depend on us, and we fully expect some backlash. We're ready to take the heat."

The note is digitally signed by group managers "ShinyFirefly" and "NinjaPancake".

Naturally, fans of The Walking Dead who have seen the note assume the worst for a beloved character. In a Reddit thread where the post was shared, some fans accused the spoiler group of backing down to AMC as a result of previous legal action taken against them. Most, however, seem to believe the "shocking" moment promised on Talking Dead surrounds a major character's death.

"Now this is interesting," Reddit user one-eyed-queen wrote. "No legal action, but they decide to withhold information. Something's fishy here, and it's actually making me more excited for the episode!"

"I respect the decision but want to know why," just_for_fun21 responded. "It'll be a be a new experience for many of us watching without spoilers."

Some suspect the spoiler group suddenly grew sympathetic towards cast members who may or may not be exiting the series. "I would assume they are doing this out of respect for an actor," blueptdiary writes.


Also worth noting: AMC did not send out advanced copies of The Walking Dead Episode 8x08.

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