'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Hilariously Recut With 'The Muppets' As Negan's Saviors

The Walking Dead and The Muppets is the crossover no one knew they needed until now.

In a video cut by YouTue user Thrillson, the characters surviving the zombie apocalypse on AMC's The Walking Dead are pitted against the characters from The Muppets in an All Out War. It's a hilarious and well cut edit, dubbing some of the lines from The Walking Dead's Season 8 trailer as dialogue for the Muppets characters.

"I replaced Negan and The Saviors with Tim Curry and The Muppets," Thrillson writes in the video's description.

Given the extended length of The Walking Dead's real Season 8 trailer, the editor had more than enough material to work with while cutting the All Out War sequences together with the puppeted characters. At the time of publishing, Thrillson's video had merely 150 views, though it certainly deserves more.

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