'The Walking Dead': Steven Ogg Reveals Unusual Story and Fake Kills From Negan's Intro

Negan's introduction to The Walking Dead came with two canon kills, but a handful of fake Lucille [...]

Negan's introduction to The Walking Dead came with two canon kills, but a handful of fake Lucille whacks to throw the cast and crew off of the scent of true spoiler — all of which worked out perfectly with unusually convenient weather.

While the show ultimately saw Negan brutally beat Glenn and Abraham to death, some other actors had to be on the business end of Negan's barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat for alternate takes. On set for the madness was Simon actor Steven Ogg, performing in his second episode of the AMC show. Ogg opened up about the days on set for Negan's intro while talking at Walker Stalker Con in Orlando over the weekend.

"Yeah, I think they did try to keep everyone in the dark, but we were all there," Ogg said. "So we kind of f—ing knew."

When the cast had to go back to work when the night shoots were through, it was quite clear what had happened.

"It's pretty obvious who gets killed on the show because you're not working with them anymore," Ogg said. "So you quickly discover that, 'Oh, they're gone.'"

Still, the powers that be willed it to existence that things would go right for those difficult nights of productions, which hurt all of the main actors' knees by the end of it.

"Like that week, or ten days we shot, it was pretty incredible," Ogg said. "It was freezing cold, and of course at that time, I was just Simon wearing his short sleeve shirt. It's like, 'F— this this, it's freezing, I'm not that tough, I want Negan's coat.' Jeffrey [Dean Morgan is] all bundled up, but then when we went to shoot, when we came back to it, it was warm. And of course, then I was like, 'Yeah!'"

Unluckily for Ogg's preference in weather, the temperature dropped down just in time to recreate the cold air on camera.

"What was crazy, because you know in that you can see our breath," Ogg said. "And that night, we were shooting all night, over night, till the sun came up. And it was cold. And then when we went to shoot part notes in April, when we arrived, it was fucking hot. We're thinking, 'How are you going to match the freezing cold November with our breath? That's going to cost a lot of money, to have our breath!' But the Walking Dead Gods, that night ... the temperature dropped, just that one night we were shooting, and finally we could see our breath. It was quite like, 'Wow, the Gods like The Walking Dead.' I got a lot of stories like that."

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